Glycemic Index and insulin Index- its effect on fat loss

Glycemic index is a scale of foods that have influence over your blood sugars within 2-3 hours of having eaten a meal. There are certain foods like for example jelly beans which trigger a lot of sugar in your blood or it simply spikes up but when you eat celery which is a carbohydrate does not have the same impact in fact it would depict a low insulin response.

High intensity interval training

I am a huge fan of high intensity workouts – it burns a hell of calories, gets me pumped, happy & makes me look like a complete bad ass! Now let’s find out why ramping up intensity is essential to break that weight loss plateau.

Onset diabetes

Jogging, running or walking effectively prevent the development of diabetes.

Physical active now

Being physically active does not have to be complicated. But then again, why should you care?

New study shows that regular walking brings down the risk of heart failure among women 50 years old and above.

Older people exercising

It’s a very common notion that we get weaker as we get older. Should we really just accept that we're in this life to be old and weak?

Brain xray

Once again, science has proven that exercise can improve our brain's health and help prevent Alzheimer's disease.