Physical active now

Wait, hold your horses.

No one’s saying you should start enrolling for Gym-Zumba-Yoga-CrossFit sessions several times a week.

Being physically active does not have to be complicated.

There are easy workouts you can do at home, and there are very practical ways to get yourself moving like taking the stairs or parking your car far away from your office.

But then again, why should you care?

Reason #1: Be active to lower your risk of diseases.

People who live a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to heart diseases, diabetes and cancers. Exercise remains to be one of the cornerstones in fighting these chronic diseases.

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Reason #2: Exercise to keep your brain healthy.

Time and time again, science has proven that regular exercise helps fight the deterioration of our brain. This means that we can remember more, learn more and even boost our thinking skills when we’re physically active.

Reason #3: Keep yourself moving to stay happy.

Do you remember how great you felt playing hide and seek or a game of tag with your friends when you were young? Remember how you never get tired of running or climbing? Exercise releases the body’s natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins which boost feelings of euphoria and also help sooth pain. It also helps us fight depression.

Children running

There are a lot of people who hate exercising.

You don’t need to sign up for anything that you know you can’t maintain. All you need to do is to find your jam. Find something that you enjoy.

It could be brisk walking in a nearby park. Or doing aerobics at home. Or swimming.

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