Menopause brings a lot of unwanted change in women’s bodies.

With a taxing mix of symptoms like insomnia, mood swings, hot flashes (or hot flushes), and joint and muscle aches, a lot of women feel uninspired to work out in the gym or do regular exercise.

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Physical fitness during menopause will keep you strong, will fight anxiety, and stress and will enhance your balance and coordination.

The hormonal changes can also make it difficult for women to build muscle, and it’s only natural that they feel that exercise no longer produce results.

But should you give in to these symptoms? Absolutely not.

Here are three reasons why you should soldier on and stay physically active during menopause.

  • 01Exercise during menopause fights weight gain.

    We lose muscle mass every year after we turn 30, but during menopause, the loss of muscle mass is more pronounced. Women also tend to have more fat around the waist during this time. Regular exercise will help prevent weight gain and keep your body in good condition. Staying fit decreases your risk of diabetes, heart diseases and certain types of cancer.

  • 02Exercise during menopause can help improve your mood.

    Regular exercise will boost your mood, fight against depression and will help you sleep better. Insufficient sleep will intensify your mood swings and irritability.

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  • 03Exercise can help fight the effects of aging on our bones.

    As we age, our bones become weaker. With menopause, this aging process is accelerated, and our bones are easier to break. Recent evidence shows that even one to two minutes each day of intense activity reduces a risk for brittle bones.

Your quality of life does not need to go downhill with menopause or after menopause.

A good regular exercise program will keep you healthy, your bones stronger and improve your mental health.

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