Online and one-on-one personalized training programs available in the comfort of your home. If you are looking for a coach who means serious business when it comes to helping you get strong and healthy, transform and manage your diet, keep your motivation levels off the roof at all times, I’m your best bet!

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    Online Program

    The online program is built around you. It’s a one-on-one mobile coaching platform that is created based on the goals... Learn more

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    Fat Loss & Toning

    Let me help you lose those inches and tone your flabby skin after you have shed those pounds... Learn more

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    Functional Strength & Endurance Training

    Let me help you devise a fresh routine that will challenge your body in new ways, stimulate your metabolism... Learn more

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    Core Conditioning

    Physical strength starts in the core. Complete core training is a fundamental part of fitness training and too often overlooked... Learn more

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    Pre & Post Natal Fitness

    Fit moms have better control over weight gain, easier labor, leaner, healthier babies and and they bounce back faster... Learn more

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    Having been a professional Figure and Physique competitor myself, I know what it entails to prepare... Learn more

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    Nutrition Advice

    In order to lose fat, gain muscle mass and accomplish your fitness goals, you must fuel your body properly... Learn more

"Sincere, dedicated, hard worker, energetic, sharp, positive, cheerful face, firm, strong, knowledgeable, honest, warm-hearted, compassionate and a true believer that YES YOU CAN. I’m not exaggerating, simply she has all that it needed for me to step out of my dis-comfort zone."

"I met Shiblin around a year and a half when she had to replace my PT for few days. She helped me to pull myself together, gave me my confidence back and most important she revives my faith in myself."

"We finished our first set of 12 classes and honestly, I can sense the difference in myself as a whole, not obsessed about the scale anymore as it’s worthless against how I feel inside out! I do believe she’ll be the right support and role model for people who have the will to change!"


"I started training with Shiblin to get rid of that nasty stubborn fat in my midsection & tone up. Over the course of 16 weeks what I accomplished with Shiblin’s nutrition & training protocols was way more than just losing fat & getting stronger, I have also managed to improve my endurance! Yay!"

"What I love most about Shiblin’s training is that it never gets boring ,she always keeps my body guessing by throwing in a variety of functional , resistance, endurance styles & this really makes me look forward to every session with the same excitement as my very first!!! My overall fitness levels have improved so much that I am now able to do certain movements I would never have dared attempted on my own. Shiblin is always willing to share her knowledge, answer any of my silly questions & ALWAYS available for a chat whenever I feel demotivated or need that push to help me stick with the plan . She is fun to workout with ,incredibly passionate, inspiring , committed, literally married to her sport of bodybuilding haha! I honestly cannot recommend her enough!"

–Maureen Sheikh

"Shiblin has been training me for the last two years and I have to say that she's by far the best trainer I've had. I changed five trainers before I met shiblin. Her knowledge of fitness is commendable. Her personality is amazing and easy going. I've recommended shiblin to many of my friends."


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Shiblin Sarfraz
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Shiblin Sarfraz

I enjoy the attributes of living a healthy lifestyle. There is more to fitness than just looking and feeling great and that is a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment! I am a qualified Personal Trainer awarded by REPS (UK). I forayed into fitness when my body had already borne the torture of countless years of unhealthy habits & my energy levels had reached an all time low. I started off with a body fat of 24% which dropped to 15.8% in 60 days!

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