“I began my journey with Shiblin when I was in a very tough position in my life. I wasn't feeling good about my self, my self confidence and self esteem levels had plummeted to an all time low and my health was not in good place overall either. Shiblin came in guns blazing into my life and she really created a structure and routine with consistent exercise and diet that brought a breath of fresh air. As a trainer, not only does she become a friend and role model additionally she pushes you to do your best and achieve more than you thought you could. To this day, I have enjoyed every training session with her and the more you train, the more results you see. She is flexible, understanding and patient and will make sure you reach your goals and more in a short period of time, all you need to do is stay committed and rest will be taken care of by her.”-Sneha Sivanand

"Sincere, dedicated, hard worker, energetic, sharp, positive, cheerful face, firm, strong, knowledgeable, honest, warm-hearted, compassionate and a true believer that YES YOU CAN. I’m not exaggerating, simply she has all that it needed for me to step out of my dis-comfort zone." "I met Shiblin around a year and a half when she had to replace my PT for few days. She helped me to pull myself together, gave me my confidence back and most important she revives my faith in myself." "We finished our first set of 12 classes and honestly, I can sense the difference in myself as a whole, not obsessed about the scale anymore as it’s worthless against how I feel inside out! I do believe she’ll be the right support and role model for people who have the will to change!"-Rasha

"I started training with Shiblin to get rid of that nasty stubborn fat in my midsection & tone up. Over the course of 16 weeks what I accomplished with Shiblin’s nutrition & training protocols was way more than just losing fat & getting stronger, I have also managed to improve my endurance! Yay!" "What I love most about Shiblin’s training is that it never gets boring ,she always keeps my body guessing by throwing in a variety of functional , resistance, endurance styles & this really makes me look forward to every session with the same excitement as my very first!!! My overall fitness levels have improved so much that I am now able to do certain movements I would never have dared attempted on my own. Shiblin is always willing to share her knowledge, answer any of my silly questions & ALWAYS available for a chat whenever I feel demotivated or need that push to help me stick with the plan . She is fun to workout with ,incredibly passionate, inspiring , committed, literally married to her sport of bodybuilding haha! I honestly cannot recommend her enough!"-Maureen Sheikh

"Shiblin has been training me for the last two years and I have to say that she's by far the best trainer I've had. I changed five trainers before I met shiblin. Her knowledge of fitness is commendable. Her personality is amazing and easy going. I've recommended shiblin to many of my friends."-Natalie

"Shiblin was introduced to me at a point in my life where I was overweight, unfit and miserable.... as anyone in this situation, the thought of the gym intimidated me and I had no motivation to pursue any form of fitness until I met with Shiblin... her kind heart and understanding made my whole fitness journey an absolute dream... I can’t thank Shiblin enough for what she did for me... so patient with me and always made our sessions super fun... with her excellent one on one training program along with an amazing easy to follow diet plan I lost over 10kg in 6 weeks which was compelled unheard of in my experience.... highly recommend Shiblin to anyone out here looking for a PT that actually cares about the person! "-Samantha Jones

"I am absolutely delighted to recommend Shiblin as a personal trainer for anyone who wants to make a positive impact in their lives. I always used to think of gym session as a single track, lethargic sessions. However, ever since Shiblin started training me 4 years ago, I cannot say how excited I am to go to the gym everyday. Shiblin is a very pleasant, jovial and easy going person but when you step foot in the gym she is a focused and dedicated animal who will beat you into the best shape of your life. Her sessions were intense and fun at the same time. Her planning is second to none and you will eventually see the results that you could only dream of. I would recommend Shiblin in a heartbeat having also met and trained with a couple of the other trainers. I aim to continue to train and have set goals that I have been achieving all thanks to the master."-Kirsten Scott

"Training with Shiblin is an absolute pleasure !! She provides so much variety in each and every session that I never get bored and the times flies by !! She is supportive in every way possible from encouraging those last few reps to providing a realistic and effective meal plan !! In the short amount of time I’ve been training with Shiblin I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my level of fitness as well as my weight and shape !! I can highly recommend Shiblin and look forward to progressing further with her"-Rachel Fudge