Personal Training


Fitness is my passion. I have helped numerous female clients transform their bodies and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle or just tightening up, train with me to transform and get in the best shape of your life!

You will be working one on one with me where we will initially have a free consultation to understand your current fitness levels,goals and medical history to map an exercise program tailored just for you.

After the assessment, I will then create an individualized training and nutrition program focused on achieving your objectives which improves every area of your health and well being.

The Personal Training sessions will be scheduled around your availability and at your choice of location be it at home, in a park, apartment gym, gyms in Dubai.

We can achieve incredible results together with my constant guidance and your compliance and trust in the process! I offer packages of 12 and 20 sessions and the services include:

12 sessions
60 minutes of Individualized Training
Personal Training available at Home / Apartment gyms / Dubai gyms
Tailored Nutrition Plan (Nutrition Plans are updated every 4-6 weeks based on progress)
Structured Cardio Plan
Monthly Assessment (Progress pictures and measurements in person
24/7 text and email support
Prices for Training packages available on request